Business Programmes

We founded Gkizi Andrielou Foreign Languages Schools to offer high quality services in foreign language and IT training to professionals.

Our business language programmes aim to fulfill your expectations in fields such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Banking, Administration, Secretarial, Human Resources, Law, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Technical, Electronics, International, Tourist, Hosting and a combination of the above.

The IT educational programmes are flexible, intensive and practical! They are tailored to your specific needs whether you are an individual or an enterprise. The content of the programme may vary from computer use for admin purposes to the use of expert applications and programming, according to the field of your interest.

Choose the programme that suits you best and benefit from the LAEK subsidiary system. All our programmes are subject to a 45% discount sponsored by LAEK, while all our tutors are certified for their qualifications by LAEK.