Information Technology

At Gkizi Andrielou IT Schools we cover the needs of those who wish to learn to use computers and software.

Are you a student who does not know how to use a computer at all?
Follow a beginners’ course and get the basics of IT – learn all the tricks that will help you do your homework and keep you away from doubtful sources on the web.

Are you an adult who wants to develop his/her IT skills?
Join the adult intensive groups. Specialize your knowledge in Office, web design, programming, picture management and graphic design. Easy and fun!

Are you a parent and you wish to protect your child from potential dangers?
In our short seminars we teach you all you need to know through the use of specific parental applications

Are you a state school instructor and you want to certify your IT knowledge in an A level?
Register in our expert courses.

ACTAOur computer lab is an official examination centre of ACTA . We organise exams in our premises and offer you the chance to certify the knowledge that you have acquired with an ACTA diploma.